EQSS Series

In-Line Type Machine



Model : EQSS-350SD/M


   Save space area for installation.

   Fully automatic system support. and supports working with robots

   There is continuity in operation when changing PCB models.

   It takes a short time to prepare the machine before starting soldering.

   There are many options according to customer needs.

   Able to control production quality effectively.

   Reduce errors from manual work.

   Save raw materials used in soldering.

   Easy soldering programs can be created.

   A large number of programs can be saved.

   Soldering errors can be corrected by program.

   Easy maintenance.

  (Optional) Supports QR Code scanning system, selects automatic operation program.

   (Optional) There is a production log function for logging operations and parameters.

   (Optional) Non-contract function is available, suitable for automotive products.



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